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Laspotech raises funds for the programs and areas of study that have been identified as most crucial to preparing students to be leaders in their professions and communities, and to keeping the Polytechnic at the forefront of teaching, research, and discovery. Flexible funds for financial aid, teaching and research, and extracurricular activities are always needed; current strategic priorities seeking designated gifts range from the arts to entrepreneurship to deepening our understanding of the cosmos and the world around us.

Gifts to Annual Giving are unrestricted and have immediate impact. They are essential in enabling the Polytechnic to extend financial aid to every student who needs it, support excellence in teaching and research, and fund emerging opportunities for learning and discovery. “Giving back” through Annual Giving is a tradition that links every Laspotech students of every generation.

How You Can Help
Your gift will provide the flexible funds essential to sustaining and enhancing the essential elements of an higher Institution education.

The Lagos State Polytechnic owes its world-leading excellence in research and teaching to the generosity of its supporters. Our history is synonymous with a history of far-sighted benefaction, and the same is as true today as it has ever been.