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Support Student Athletes.

Lapostech’s athletic teams, art museum, library, and other campus organizations depend on the support of Friends groups to sustain their excellence.

Keep Laspotech strong for the future.

Capital and endowment funds from generous donors are vital to ensuring that the University will continue to fulfill its mission of teaching, research, and service for generations to come. Planned gifts such as trusts and annuities strengthen the Polytechnic and provide income to you or your family.  You can also benefit Polytechnic through your will. Review and request sample bequest language, and be inspired by some great Polytechnic legacies.

Annual Giving / Scholarship or Fellowship Fund.

Whether through Annual Giving or a named scholarship or fellowship fund, an In Memoriam gift is a meaningful way to honor a friend or family member.

Build a partnership with Laspotech.

Laspotech’s partnerships with corporations and foundations help transform theories and research that begin in classrooms and laboratories into real-world projects that can make a difference to society.