Laspotch matriculation-2017
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Dr Oluremi Nurudeen Olaleye

“Give a man a fish, He will have a meal. Teach him how to fish, He will eat for lifetime.”

About Lagos State Polytechnic

Lagos State Polytechnic is a leading institution dedicated to quality teaching, learning, research and community service. We have over the past few years developed leaders in many disciplines through our various programmes. As the Polytechnic of First Choice and the Nation’s Pride, we place great premium on the development and welfare of our staff and students at all levels.

Vision Statement

To be a Polytechnic of excellence offering world class educational services

Mission Statement

To Produce skilled manpower for commerce and industry using modern facilities and competent personnel for the benefit of all.

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TETFUND Projects

Visit us!

There’s nothing like being here to see why LASPOTECH has been named among the world’s most beautiful citadel of learning. From breathtaking signature architecture to pedestrian-friendly gathering spots, our award-winning home is designed to inspire. Lagos State Polytechnic offers over 300 majors and over 5 taylored-suit academies.

The high-quality higher education you deserve

Laspotech is accredited or certified by National Board of Technical Education (NBTE), which ensures our degrees are recognized and respected by employers and other institutions. From school and curriculum to services and financials, we’re committed to meeting quality standards, so you can earn a degree you’re proud to display.